Morning Music: Paradise By The Dashboard Light

Bat Out of Hell - Meat LoafI thought I would start something new today — but I don’t know if I’ll keep it up. Each morning, I will try to dredge up some interesting video to start the day. This is not going to be like Ed Kilgore’s stuff where he celebrates things like the Finland release of Queen’s Jazz. (Really, it’s sometimes that bizarre!) I’m just going to do whatever comes to my mind — generally stuff that pleases me a whole lot more than it does you. And I may just stop. As it is, this blog is really getting in the way of the rest of my life where I make a tiny bit more money. So I don’t exactly need to make more work for myself on the blog. But I love pushing music and film on other people.

Today, we have a suggestion from Will: the Meat Loaf classic, “Paradise By The Dashboard Light.” I hate Meat Loaf’s politics, and I haven’t been that fond of his music for the decades since, but Bat Out of Hell is a great album. On it, the great Ellen Foley performs the female part. Here, it is the perhaps greater Karla DeVito. And I have to say, I prefer the way that Meat Loaf looked before he got a personal trainer. This performance, by the way, is pretty much what Jim Steinman always had in mind. He is, above all, a musical theater writer.

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