Other Things for Republicans to Rethink

Bill MaherNow that many Republicans have finally come forward to admit that okay, you were right Sarah Palin is a crazy person, they have to ask themselves what else might I have been completely wrong about all of these years…

I only have one question for Republicans. What took you so long? The rest of us have been watching this dog eat grass for seven years. But now that you know you can do this, what about writing a column called, “You betcha I was wrong about climate change”? Might feel good? Germany gets seventy-four percent of its electricity from renewables. They don’t live in the future. Turn left at Austria, they’re right there. Look ’em up in a history book, they’re always up to something.

Or what about giving up on the idea of sending twelve million Mexicans back to Mexico? There aren’t enough trains. Ask Germany. And as long as we’re in a rethinking mood, you might, you know what might be a good one? Middle East invasions, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria now, Iran all of these places that you want to send heroic snipers. Turns out they don’t like it. They’re not that into being sniped, and what about that great granddaddy of zombie lies: trickle down economics. Can’t we throw that one under the bus too? It’s never worked, and it never will.

—Bill Maher
Quoted in Politicus USA: Bill Maher Shreds Republicans For Finally Admitting That Sarah Palin Is a Crazy Person.

5 thoughts on “Other Things for Republicans to Rethink

  1. I simply don’t understand this man. What he’s saying here is basically trying to explain the concept of common sense; this is very rational, exactly the sort of thing that needs to be said much more than it is. Then the same guy has these bizarre anti-vaccination views. What the Hell?

    • I didn’t know about the vaccination stuff. I think I put this quote up because I’ve been kind of hard on him lately. In general, I don’t listen to him anymore. He is suffering from the Glenn Beck syndrome. He thinks he knows a whole lot more than he does. And he mistakes his bigotry for truth telling.

  2. Bill Maher is the kind of person I was 5 years ago, just filled with so much cynicism for absolutely everything, so much arrogance and bile, so caught up in his image of himself as an arbiter of truth that it’s ironic when he says some close-minded shit. The funny thing is five years ago I was 15.
    Love the blog and I think I love you, Frank, thank youfor being so dedicated!

    • Thank you for the kind words about me and the site. As for Maher, well, what can I say? He is a funny guy. But he has gotten mixed up. He’s a funny guy who talks about politics, not a smart guy with an interest in politics who is also funny. He’s even wrong about Palin. The conservative movement hasn’t given up on her. There was part of the conservative movement that always hated her. Just because a couple of conservatives made fun of her recently doesn’t mean anything has changed. And anyway: there is big difference between turning against a politically irrelevant reality TV star and turning against billions of dollars of campaign contributions from the oil industry.

      • Eh, maybe 10 years ago pushing finance reform on mainstream tv would be admirable; these days everyone who isn’t a fascist and or ignorant (ok that’s a lot, you got me) is for it. I think Bill should be accepting fewer campaign contributions from l’almighty righteous indignation dollar, maybe then his humor could interrupt, I mean speak, for itself.

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