Sunlighting at Dirt Cheap Computers

Dirt Cheap ComputersI’ve been in the uncomfortable position of having to actually make money recently. I’ll admit, I’m kind of a brat about it. I expect so little from life — really. I’m pretty sure that I’m above water in the whole “what I give” versus “what I get.” But the universe is not just, so I work. A little anyway. As much as I can, actually. But my business partner, Will, doesn’t think I dress well enough. But that’s a matter for another time. For now, let me just say that it is yet more evidence of an unjust universe and the fact that in modern America, the quality of your work doesn’t matter nearly as much as the suit you wear. Don’t blame me when the empire sinks into the sea of irrelevance.

But since I am doing “work” work, I’ve finally gotten around to doing a tiny bit of work on the Dirt Cheap Computers website. I’ll be adding more over the coming days and weeks, but as for now, I’ve added a blog. I’m going to try to post something every day or so. It’s all computer and technology related. For example, yesterday, I wrote, Don’t Let Myth Drive Your Choices. It follows on the news that Aaron Sorkin is making a new Steve Jobs biopic. And today, I wrote, Hackers Could Crash Your Car — But Don’t Worry.

At least for now, the style is very much the same as it is for Frankly Curious — if somewhat more circumspect. But we will have to see how Will reacts it. He may want something a bit more “professional” — you know, the computer equivalent of a jacket and tie. But that hasn’t generally been our way in the past. And I think he’s more interested in getting things like project management and support tickets working. So he’ll probably let me slide on this stuff.

The only reason I’m bringing it up here is because I think the articles are worth reading. So you might click over there from time to time. I’m going to try to stay up on technology news — something I generally don’t do. This century may be lacking in theology and geometry but there is sadly nothing that I can do about it. And my wisdom about Shakespeare, Cervantes, and Rabelais may be profound, but it is not in demand in this debased culture. Anyway, maybe I’m wrong to be unimpressed with, Done Deal: AT&T Closes $2.5 Billion Purchase of Mexico’s Iusacell.

But don’t get the wrong idea: I’m not getting paid for that blogging. However, I suspect it will be helpful in getting more clients. And those clients will, in theory, pay me. Will and I often joke that we have a non-profit business — in practice anyway. My hope is that if the business really takes off so that we can’t even keep up and have to hire other people, then it won’t matter what I dress like. I will be able to just send out some squeaky clean novice. Then when the client complains, I can feign surprise, “Oh! I thought you just wanted someone with a good hair cut!”

Sadly, that kind of biting sarcasm will not be on display at the Dirt Cheap Computers blog. But it should still be interesting.


If you know anyone who is in the Bay Area who needs computer services. That’s especially true of business clients, because those are the only ones that I really do work for given that I’m mostly a network and database and programming kind of guy.

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