Black-on-Black-on-White Racism

DigbyAnd now we have the latest iteration of this very old phenomenon: whites who believe that it’s a racist act to point out their racism. The accusation itself is the racist act and in their minds much worse than whatever it was they were accused of saying. Nothing is more racist than calling someone a racist.

This goes hand in hand with what is perhaps the most specious of right-wing commentary in response to these notorious incidents of white vigilantes and police officers shooting unarmed black teenagers: “Why don’t you people care about black-on-black crime the way you care about this?” This is inevitably followed by the statistic that says more than 90 percent of all shootings of young black men are committed by other black men and delivered by the white person with an attitude that this somehow ends the argument. The fact that most crime against whites is committed by whites as well doesn’t seem to penetrate. Funny thing, but crimes seem to be more prevalent among people who live near each other. Go figure. But what’s most odd about this argument is that it’s supposed to answer the charge that racism or racial profiling might be in play in these cases where a George Zimmerman or a Darren Wilson shoot a young unarmed black man out of what they say was fear for their lives. If the so-called black-on-black crime is the real problem, what are all these white men so afraid of?

—Heather Digby Parton
White America’s Moral Disaster: From Eric Garner to Mike Brown, a Destructive View of “Justice”

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