Burgess Meredith

Burgess MeredithOn this day in 1907, the great actor Burgess Meredith was born. Throughout my life, he seemed to be everywhere. When I was a kid, he was the Penguin on Batman. Later I knew him for his great roles on The Twilight Zone. And later still, he was the best thing in Rocky. But like I said, he was everywhere.

I don’t feel like going through his career, so let’s just touch on some of my favorite roles — at least the ones I can find video of.

Here he is in one of his early movie roles as George in Of Mice and Men:

And here he is handling an umbrella really well in Batman:

I can’t find a good scene from Rocky, so here he is in a different kind of role in Magic:

And let’s just finish off with perhaps his best known part in The Twilight Zone episode “Time Enough at Last”:

Happy birthday Burgess Meredith!

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