Jim Mowrer on Steve King

Jim MowrerThe nuts and bolts of it is that he’s wrong about the issues. That’s part of the equation. But the other part is that he’s been terrible for the district. He’s been in Congress for 12-and-a-half years. He’s never passed any legislation. He’s never brought anything back to Iowa. And, if he had any standing with the House leadership, he’d be the next chairman of the [House] agriculture committee, because he’s got the most seniority. But he’s not. It’s going to be Representative [Michael] Conaway from Texas. They’re not going to give the gavel to him because the Republican leadership doesn’t like him. They think he’s dangerous. John Boehner has said that Steve King doesn’t speak for the Republican party. If he were going to be the next chair of the Agriculture committee, that would be huge for Iowa. Instead, he has a selfish, Tea Party agenda. So, instead, they’re going to give the chairmanship to a representative who’s against the renewable fuel standard. Do you think that’s good for Iowa? It’s not.

—Jim Mowrer
Steve King Country Showdown

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