Dylan Moran

Dylan MoranThe great Irish comedian Dylan Moran is 43 today. There is just something very amusing about his take on the world. I probably like him because even when he was young, his outlook on the world was that of a crotchety 80 year old. He also combines surreal elements. So he is both bluntly honest and fanciful.

In addition to this, he always seems at least a little pissed. This is made all the more real by the fact that he always drinks while on stage. But it is also true that his whole style is that of an inebriated friend who has happened upon a very good rant. Here he is drinking, smoking, and ranting about Germany:

But what I like most about Moran is his television show Black Books. He basically does his stand-up character, but he is a far worse human being. It’s funny as hell. And he has Bill Bailey and Tamsin Greig with him. Here is the fourth episode of it:

Happy birthday Dylan Moran!

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