Hillary’s Spam About Ferguson

Hillary ClintonOh do we get spam around here! And much of it is of a very generic nature. For example, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen such probing insight on this topic. This is a subject I am very interested in. Thank you so much for your insights on this most interesting topic. You are an excellent writer about this subject.” The only thing that is different is that most spam is in pidgin English. They might as well write, “This is automated spam. No human is looking at this page. But please allow us to put our spam links on your page!”

In the realm of politics, one expects better. That’s why Hillary Clinton’s comments about Ferguson were so disappointing. Charlie Pierce nailed the essence of it this morning, “What she said appears to have been written by nine consultants, eight people from marketing, seven lawyers, six ESL valedictorians, and Mark Penn.” (Penn is a pollster long associated with the Clintons.) It is an example of saying nothing really carefully. Here is my favorite part:

We saw our country’s true character in the community leaders who came out to protest peacefully and worked to restrain violence, the young people who insisted on having their voices heard, and in the many decent and respectful law enforcement officers who showed what quality law enforcement looks like, men and women who serve and protect their communities with courage and professionalism, who inspire trust rather than fear. We need more of that, because we can do better.

I think my spammers could do better:

I stand her today outraged at outrageous things. Just the same I am happy about the happy things. Motherhood should be respected. America is the greatest nation on earth. Let us strive to be better. Let us also strive not to be worse. Let us strive in the ways that each of us agree is the proper striving way. And let’s get rid of injustice; it has no place in the justice system. And by “injustice,” I mean whatever it is that we, in our hearts, take injustice to be. And finally: motherhood!

Clinton made this public statement at the Nexenta OpenSDx Summit. Nexenta is a data storage company in Silicon Valley. And Clinton was paid to be there. How much? I think she gets about $50,000 per speech. But it isn’t really about the speech. It is about Nexenta getting in good for the person most likely to be the next President of the United States.

On the positive side, this generic reaction—almost three weeks in the making—really shores her political reputation. It was spineless and presented for business interests she will be beholden to. That’s the very definition of a New Democrat. Get that woman a presidency. Or, as she might say, “Get that woman the job that we, in our hearts, can all agree is the right thing that we believe she should be doing. And motherhood! America!”

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