Rick Santelli Slapdown

Rick SantelliNormally, I wouldn’t post something so quickly, but I just had to share this. I got it via Paul Krugman, Rick Santelli and Affinity Fraud. In the video below, Steve Liesman tells Rick Santelli that he’s been ranting about the same stuff for five years—Inflation! Weak Dollar! Greece!—and he’s been completely wrong. Liesman even says, “Every single bit of advice you gave would have lost people money, Rick.” Well, that’s true.

Of course, the whole time, Santelli is yelling in the background from his place on the trading floor. Krugman wondered why a number of them applauded Santelli and concluded that even though they would never listen to Santelli’s advice, they agree with Santelli’s outlook on life: help the rich, screw the poor. But it is always great to see anyone beat up on Rick Santelli:

This is nothing new. Over a year ago, Dean Baker made Rick Santelli look like a total idiot—not that Santelli needs any help. This one is notable because Dean Baker openly laughs at Santelli:

The thing about Santelli is that he seems like he’s going to have a heart attack. I wish he would. He is a hateful person. It is his hateful rant about tens of billions (it never worked out that way) to bail out homeowners, as opposed to the hundreds of billions to bail out the banks (where he was agnostic), that supposedly got the Tea Party all riled up. But the point is that Steve Liesman is right: Rick Santelli has been wrong about everything for the last five years, he continues to be wrong, and the only thing that changes is that his salary keeps going up.

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