Obamacare Liars Going to Hell

InfernoThe eighth level of hell is reserved for the Fraudulent, Malicious Panderers. This is where all the people who work in the right wing echo chamber are going to go. And this is clear in a recent poll by CNN, Should Obamacare be kept or repealed? But before we get to where in hell Sean Hannity will spend eternity, let’s go over what is overall good news.

According to the poll, 61% of Americans think Obamacare should be left alone or some changes should be made to improve it. Another 20% think that the should just be repealed and we should go back to the system we had before. This is bad enough because I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but for people who had insurance before, they pretty much have exactly what they had before. So their opinions are largely based upon the usual right wing propaganda that claims that Obamacare is a takeover of the the healthcare system. But I’m sure a lot of them are just people who have theirs and don’t care that the old system was terrible for most people.

What really bothered me, though, were those who thought the law should be “repealed and replaced with a completely different system.” What system might that be? I assume these aren’t the people like me who would like the whole system replaced with a single-payer system. These must be the people who have been fed a constant diet on Fox News about the “just about to be released” Republican replacement plan.

Over the last six months we’ve heard a couple of ideas for what the Republicans might get behind. One is a law that is basically just Obamacare with a couple of tweaks. The other is nothing but a bunch of typical conservative ideas that have nothing to do with healthcare reform and would, if anything, make healthcare in America worse. But they would manage to take money from the poor and give it to the rich, which is why the Republicans are for them.

I’m sure all the folks at Fox News and those producing hate radio feel very good about all the money that they are making by being Fraudulent, Malicious Panderers. But if they really are Christians and they believe all that nonsense about hell, they really ought to be worried about their eternal souls. It ain’t looking good.

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