Dean Chambers Knows Obamacare Signups Are Bogus Just Because

Dean ChambersI really don’t want to write about this, but some stories are like smack to a junkie. Remember Dean Chambers? He was the guy behind Unskewed Polls. Despite everything, I thought he at least had a tad of shame. I based that on the fact that right before the last presidential election, he changed his polling results to be in line with what everyone else was saying. But I should have known better because after the election, he started the website Barack O’Fraudo, which claimed that he had been wrong only because of widespread voter fraud committed by Obama.

Okay, so the guy is just an extremist ideologue who is positively useless. But fun! You see, what happened to Chambers is quite clear. In 2012, he didn’t like what the polls were saying. Like a lot of people who have a tenuous grasp on statistics and extrapolation, he was convinced that the polls didn’t reflect reality. After all, everyone he knew was a big Romney supporter. So he looked at the demographic makeup of the polls and found that they were not the same as they were for previous elections. So he “unskewed” them, not realizing that the reason that the polls indicated a more diverse electorate was that the electorate was more diverse. The 2012 election must have been a humiliating defeat for him.

But like most ideologues, Chambers just knew that he couldn’t be wrong. But before he was clever: looking at the demographics of the polls was smart, even though he wasn’t smart enough to be right. At this point, however, he was just dumb. He grab hold of a tired old talking point: “ACORN stole the 2008 election for Obama!” Note how silly this is. If a Democrat couldn’t get elected after the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, then a Democrat could never get elected. Whatever. On the extreme right of the Republican Party, the “Democrats cheat” narrative is very big. This, by the way, is what allows them to push voter ID laws without thinking they are against democracy.

This brings us to yesterday, when Dean Chambers wrote an article in, Obama Regime’s Fuzzy Math Is Entirely Fraudulent. Even apart from the content, the article is hilarious. He doesn’t mention the Obama “administration”; it is always “regime.” He uses the word 11 times in an article that is 670 words long. The tone of the whole thing screams off the page as though Chambers fears that tomorrow may not come.

But what is perhaps most wonderful about the article is that it is not really about Obamacare, which is what it purports to be about. The first paragraph is about Obamacare. Then he spends the next four paragraph talking about unemployment. And in doing so, he shows that he doesn’t understand how unemployment statistics are gathered. He’s just ranting. What’s more, Chambers blames Obama for the high unemployment rate in the first months of 2009. Sometimes I think that my own rhetoric is a bit over the top, so I have no idea what you even call this other than the ravings of a mad man.

In the sixth paragraph he completely loses it. He writes, “The most out-of-touch president in the history of the country once declared, ‘we don’t have an inflation problem.’ Yeah right, he doesn’t have a coke problem either.” Nice bit about the cocaine; that’s definitely lends credibility to the argument. But the reason that Obama said we don’t have an inflation problem is, well, because we don’t have an inflation problem. Inflation has been pretty constant at around 2%. True: I think that’s a problem because it is too low, but I know that’s not what Chambers thinks.

He did, however, come back to the ACA. He said, “The Obamacare enrollments numbers are bogus.” This contrasts with his first paragraph where he wrote, “[T]he Regime has quite magically announced the seven million figure is reached.” And the entirety of his seventh and last paragraph, “This magic seven million Obamacare signups is no different than anything else reported by the Regime. Completely fraudulent, fake, and phony.”

It’s a very consistent argument: the Obamacare enrollment number is fraudulent because everything Obama does is fraudulent because Dean Chambers says so. There is nothing else in the article. He looks at no numbers. He unskews nothing. He simply proclaims that reality is different from what everyone else thinks. Generally, this is the definition of insanity. Such people are normally seen on city street corners having angry arguments with invisible people. But not Dean Chambers! He’s a respectable mad man because he tells conservatives what they want to hear.

H/T: Wonk Wire

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