Puppets and Reproductive Rights

Lizz the PuppetThe following video is brilliant and important. And it has puppets! Sadly, it sums up the current “religious freedom” debate. It is also accurate that increasingly, religious zealots think that hormonal birth control is a form of abortion. You know, I’ve been saying this for at least a decade (I’m not alone). Once the anti-choice crowd made abortion illegal, they would switch to birth control. Of course, they didn’t even wait that long. But the reason I knew they would transition to birth control is that I knew the reason they were against abortion. It has nothing to do with the fetus. It is about controlling women. Hormonal birth control has done more to give women freedom than anything since the 19th Amendment.

I don’t want to get into the issues of employers controlling their workers. I’ve written before, Political Harassment in the Workplace. But mostly, it all comes down to the widely held believe that somehow employees have a choice to not work. While that may have been true back when the government was giving away farm land, it just isn’t true today. I discuss this in a little more detail here, Property Rights.

Before getting to the video, I just have to say something about the production. It is very funny and the puppets are cute as anything. But the puppeteers are terrible. When they talk, it looks like a bad dubbed movie. You could do as well with an on-off switch: turn it on when the puppet is talking, turn it off when not. Still, even it adds to the charm of the video about this most uncharming subject.

For more go to We Are Ultraviolet.

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