Skippy and the Tick

Skippy and the Tick

Just to close out this section of the day, on last night’s The Daily Show, Jon Stewart introduced a show that never made it to Nickelodeon, Skippy and the Tick. This came from a comment made by Bill O’Reilly who said of Jason Greenslate, “This guy is a parasite… He’s a rat.” To which Stewart responded:

Well, technically, you’re either a parasite or a rat. You can’t be both. A rat is a scavenger who could carry parasites. In fact, if you’ve ever watched the show Skippy and the Tick—it’s about a very fastidious mouse who lives with a very sloppy tick. He gets into some adventures. Nickelodeon never picked it up. The point is, it was a kid’s show for the plague carrying set. I thought it was gold! I still have the story boards.

It’s very funny, but the truth is that I would totally watch that show! It’s got that whole The Odd Couple meets Archy and Mehitabel meets the Black Death. What’s not to like? I even have an idea for a pilot episode called, “Skippy Gets a Blood Transfusion.” And I have a catchy theme song for it. The chords are:

G / / / | C / / / | G / D / | C / / / |

Here are the lyrics:

Skippy is a mouse
Floyd is his one tick!
You may call him a parasite
But Skippy stays thin as a stick!

Now if I can just pry the rights away from Jon Stewart, it will be smooth sailing!

Thanks to Andrea for altering the image for use on this page.

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