Message to Google: Don’t Be Lazy

Parenthetical EnclosuresIt started yesterday.

All of the YouTube embedded video code that I copied over had a extra closing parenthesis mark after it as follows. (It’s in red!)

<iframe width=”400″ height=”225″ src=”//youtube…”>&lt/iframe>)

Normally, I would have been concerned. But I have this problem of keeping 50 or more Chrome tabs open at all times. This often causes a number a bugs and so yesterday I found myself unable to run any YouTube videos in Chrome. But I didn’t want to have to deal with restarting Chrome and having to put 50 or more tabs back up. So I started to use Internet Explorer for all my videos. IE is clunky, but it is robust.

So when I started seeing this error, I figured it was an IE bug. But last night, my system forced a shutdown. I knew it was coming and I didn’t intercept it. It gave me a time limit, I missed it, the system rebooted. It happens. Thankfully, Chrome is really good at remembering where it was, even with six windows and, as I said, 50 or more tabs open. And when it came back up, Chrome was displaying videos properly, so I closed IE.

But the embed problem was still there! So I went over to Web Pro News and found an article, YouTube Embed Code Has a Weird Parenthesis at The End. There are a lot of people around who have noticed the problem. And Google has been alerted. But here we are after two complete days with no resolution.

Maybe we should change Google’s motto to be, “Don’t be lazy.”

Update (12 March 2014 10:44 pm)

I noticed that Digby’s videos today have that telltale ) after them. See, for example: Very Serious Clowns.

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