Edie Brickell and Friends

Edie BrickellLast year on this day, I talked about Osama bin Laden. And I recommend that you click over, because I think I was rather insightful. The article was called, Entitled Rich Boy. But I don’t have any more insights into the man. Rich people are simple to understand. They can afford to be. So as a result, I am doing Edie Brickell who is 48 today. (I was off by one year last year year.)

I don’t know much about her other than the fact that she’s married to Paul Simon. Although that relationship passes the “half plus seven” test, I still think it’s creepy. Also, she’s recently been playing with Steve Martin. Unfortunately, I couldn’t bring you any of that because I find Martin annoying as a singer, even when he is backed up by Steep Canyon Rangers who are totally kick ass. In fact, screw it. Let’s listen to some Steep Canyon Rangers:

But it is Edie Brickell’s birthday, so here’s her song “Once In A Blue Moon,” which is lovely:

Happy birthday Edie Brickell!

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