Dancing Jesus and 666 Followers

Nice Atheist GirlAndrea’s alter-ego, Nice Atheist Girl, hasn’t been around much recently. I guess she’s been suffering from existential angst—a common problem for atheists, nice or not. And she recently watched Die Wand. As I wrote yesterday, that’s enough to depress anyone. But she came back with gusto today, posting a new atheist-themed image, Psychotic Love, on her website and tweeting out a couple of things.

But when I went over to her Twitter account, I noticed she had reached a milestone: Nice Atheist Girl has 666 followers. I figured I should note the occasion:

Nice Atheist Girl - Twitter 666

Of course, as any reasonable person knows, 666 is not the number of the Beast. It appears the actual number if 616. But regardless, just because a number is associated with “the Beast” doesn’t mean that anything with that number is “the Beast.” For example: my name is Frank but not all people named Frank are me. It’s called logic and I realize that many Christians are against it. For example: the silly high school student who refused to run in a race because she was given the number “666.”

Speaking of religious silliness, but this time intentional, Andrea brought my attention to a fun little book, Dancing with Jesus: Featuring a Host of Miraculous Moves.

Dancing Jesus

Don’t be cursed with two left feet!

Update 5 March 2014 7:24 pm

I forgot my joke about the dancing Jesus above: he clearly has no soul!

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