Bill O’Reilly’s Microwave Now at $85,400

Colbert with Microwave OvenLast night on Colbert Report, I learned that Bill O’Reilly is auctioning off his notes from the pre-Super Bowl interview with President Obama. Colbert lampooned this by auctioning off the microwave that he stole from The Factor when he was a guest on it. O’Reilly started the bidding on his notes at $10,000. Colbert decided that the microwave would normally be worth $40, but given that Bill O’Reilly had used it, he started the bidding at $43.

Well, this morning, I had to check E-Bay to see how the bidding was going. And not surprisingly, it is going really well. There have been 294 bids and it is currently at $85,400:

Bill O'Reilly's Microwave That Stephen Colbert Stole

It is amazing that someone has almost $100,000 to spend on what is, in the end, just a joke. What’s more, in the time I was working on this, the bid went from $85,300 to $85,400. So there are at least two people willing to do this. Go figure.

Here is the segment, which is pretty funny:

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