The Anxiety of Never Being Good Enough

John William KeedyThe combination of depression and anxiety is really great. A powerful combination! Recently, I came upon, John William Keedy’s Anxiety-Themed Photo Series. Mostly, I think the photos are kind of lame—at least from the perspective of my anxiety. I don’t think that Mr Keedy really gets the kind of anxiety that I suffer from, but look at him: I’ll bet he has his own personal hell of anxiety. One of the photos, however, sure did sum up my anxiety. This is a detail of it and it pretty much sums up my life.

Of course, I wouldn’t put those on the door that goes out of my house. I try to avoid that. Anyway, there I would put post-it notes that said things like, “Go Back!” The outside is just one big anxiety producing machine. And in addition to everything else, there are thousands of people driving cars who are clearly trying to kill me. Regardless, this kind of sums up my life:

Be Better - John William Keedy
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