Christie 2016 Bumper Sticker!

Christie 2016 Bumper Sticker
Made Especially for Frankly Curious by: Andrea English

On Thursday night’s Colbert Report, he presented a bumper sticker for a potential Chris Christie 2016 presidential campaign. I often grab these, as I did with the Slow & Measured faux movie poster about Harry Reid’s approach to filibuster reform. I also did it with The Daily Show‘s excellent Obama Hope poster parody, Mitt Romney: No We Can’t! For some reason, I am the only person who sees fit to grab these things, and they are very popular. So when I saw the Christie faux bumper sticker, I knew I had to have it.

Generally, it is simply a matter of pausing the video, doing a screen capture, and then editing to size inside of Gimp. But this time, there were three problems. First, is that they blurred out the word “fuck.” Second, is that since they placed the bumper sticker on a car, they distorted the shape of it. And third, the quality was surprisingly bad, even with a capture done in full screen mode.

Lucky for us, we have an artist more or less on staff—Andrea English. So I asked her if she could fix it. I’m not sure that she did. I think she may have just recreated it. She’s rather good at this kind of stuff. When the local Republican Party was doing a bumper contest, I came up with “Fuck America: Vote Republican.” And she created:

Republican Bumper Sticker - Designed by A. L. English
Made Especially for Frankly Curious by: Andrea English

That bumper sticker has been very popular. I doubt that the Christie bumper sticker will be as popular. It has less general usefulness, especially now that I think there is no chance he will run for president. Before, I thought that he would run. Now, I tend to think he won’t even serve out his second term as governor. It couldn’t happen to a more deserving man.

And if I’m wrong, I’m sure he will fuck me over. And given that Andrea lives in New Jersey, he is already fucking her over!

Update (12 January 2014 3:07 am)

Barbara Buono agrees with me. I can’t believe this “liberal” interview. As if it was Buono’s job to uncover Christie’s coruption. But as she notes: she tried. No one cared. And that includes most of the people on MSNBC. But she is right on when she says, “He will be leaving the governor’s office before his term’s up, but it won’t be to run for president.”

I’ve been angry for a while about how Buono was treated by both the Democratic Party and the “liberal” media:

Barbara Buono
Why Has the Democratic Party Abandoned Barbara Buono?
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I’m Official in Love with Barbara Buono
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