2013 Review: Part 4

2013 Review

July 2013

It’s interesting going back over old writing. Much of the time I can tell I’m just grinding out the article. But sometimes things really click. That was the case with the first article of this month, Can’t Two Puppets Cuddle? It’s a riff on that Bert and Ernie The New Yorker cover with them snuggling on the couch watching the Supreme Court on the television. It was an opportunity to discuss male culture and my belief that half of all the time men spend together is an effort to prove that their not gay. The problem is that being gay is about being attracted to people of the same sex. It really has nothing to do with being a macho jerk. And there is something wrong with that!

Chris Kluwe, is back in the news. And it was in July that I wrote about him, Chris Kluwe Better Punter Than Writer. It’s part of my bigger concern about winner-take-all economies like we have today. The man is neither a very good thinker nor a good writer, and yet he had just published a book and an article in Salon. And why? Because he was good at punting a football. So if now he lost his job because he was too outspoken, no one should care. I’m sure there will always be publishers around willing to pay him to write meaningless books with stupid titles.

I’m surprised at just how angry I am at the Republican Party during this month. It probably comes from the fact that for most of the year I’d been complaining about the Democrats. As much as I complain about my dear old party, I never forget that it is vastly superior. I cannot understand why anyone would be a Republican at this point. Well, I can understand why, I just don’t think the reasons are good. You could be a racist. You could totally lack empathy. You could be rich and a total jerk. That’s about it. If you are a Republican, you are one of those things. There are those who are Republicans because of what the party used to be. So I guess there is that fourth category: delusional. It’s time to wake up.

July was the month when a bunch of conservatives started talking about “libertarian populism.” As I wrote time and again, all that was the same thing the Republicans have been feeding their base for decades: economic libertarianism and social conservatism. I don’t understand what these people are thinking. It’s just the same old stuff. Republicans want everyone to think they are reforming without them actually having to change their policies in even the smallest way. That’s why I’ve argued that it won’t be until after the 2018 elections that the Republican Party might start making some changes.

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August 2013

In August for some reason, I wrote a lot about the fake IRS scandal. What really bugged me was that even though the scandal was fake, all the credulous reporting on it made the IRS look bad. And earlier today, I was asking about just how bad conservatives were. Well, in this month, I wrote, Trust Funds, Hedge Funds, and Slampieces. It was about that really vile letter that a trust fund baby sent out to his frat brothers about starting a hedge fund with daddy’s money. It’s interesting, because as I’ve reported before, in general, hedge funds don’t make money. They are kind of a con that the rich play on themselves.

I got back on my usual complaints about liberals and their naive ideas about how Republicans are going to change. One such article was, Hoping Won’t Make Chamber of Commerce Hate GOP. That was based upon another Greg Sargent article. I’ve gotten to the point with him that I won’t bother reading what he writes. It’s like he lives in Wonderland with the Republican “reformers.”

The month also contained a big bout of conservatives re-defining “equality of opportunity.” One of the articles I wrote was, Conservatives Define “Equality of Opportunity” Out of Existence. The truth is they never believed in equality of opportunity or anything else. But as long as “equality of opportunity” didn’t mean anything, they went with it. Once it was shown that in order to have even a little bit of it, they’d have to change their policies, they decided it was something else. The new definition: equality of opportunity is not having a rigid caste system.

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  1. Nice piece on Chait and the NCAA. IMO, you got it mostly right but missed something; public subsidies for stadiums. Big fancy stadiums get built by the public all the time for college and pro sports. Always by the state legislature; never by civic referendum. Nobody votes for this shit, yet no local politician can dare be "the guy who lost our 49ers" come election season.

    We’re currently ponying up 750 big ones for the Vikings. The excuse is that the facility will host, um, concerts. We have a college stadium a few blocks away that hosts concerts. U2 played there, and the band members went ape about how much they loved the venue. You’d think U2 knows a thing or two about gigantic concert venues. Anyhoo, another one. 750 large. But you can’t be "the guy who lost the Vikings!"

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