Chris Hedges Gets Hopeful

Death of the Liberal ClassThe following interview of Bill Moyers with Chris Hedges is really great. What is most interesting about it is that Hedges now repudiates what he wrote in Death of the Liberal Class. In that, he wrote the future of this civilization is hopeless and all we could do is document it and hope that if another rises, it will not make the same mistakes. Sadly, I often feel that way. But the Occupy Movement changed his mind and now he thinks that we can improve the system. It’s nice that he is feeling more optimistic. At the moment, I disagree. But tomorrow I’ll probably feel a bit more positive.

Check out this video. It is interesting from beginning to end:

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  1. You might check out the Hedges/Sacco book. I found it extraordinary. But I’ve had other people say they couldn’t get into it. It’s very like what Steinbeck and Dorthea Lange/Walker Evans were doing in the old days (although Hedges is less sentimental than Steinbeck and Sacco less distanced than Lange/Evans.) Some people appreciate that kind of approach, some get more out of different approaches.

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