Racist Conservative Youth Complains About Racism

Amy KremerIt’s a sad old world. In general, I don’t comment on YouTube videos, except to reply to comments on my own videos. But there was a video I commented on recently, Tea Party Leader Destroyed. The “leader” in question was our friend Amy Kremer, who you may remember prompted me to create the video, Tea Party Idiot.

Anyway, so I commented on this video that was a more recent vintage of Amy Kremer:

I’ve been watching her for years, and I’d thought she would get better. But she’s as ignorant and flustered as ever. In general, Republicans are more racist than Democrats, but Kremer doesn’t strike me as any more racist than other Republicans. She clearly hates Obama with no real reason, though. Mostly, she just thinks there was a time when America was something it never was. Unless you mean overwhelmingly white. If she’s the best that [the] Tea Party has to offer, they are in trouble.

Someone named idiotfinder911 replied to me. Putting 911 in the name perhaps says everything you need to know. Nonetheless:

Frank, if you had the ability to put aside your racist liberal ways, and see people for who they truly are and represent, you will see that this women is a good person. You would also understand why Obama is BAD for America. Ill equate people like you who are in LOVE with Obama and liberalism to a women who is CONSTANTLY beaten up by her husband, but at the end of the day says “he loves me, which is why I stay”. You are completely BLIND! End of discussion.

I shouldn’t have responded. For one thing, this sounds like an angry teenager. And indeed, he seems to be a fan of professional wrestling. Nonetheless, I tried, as usual, to engage the crazy conservative because good things do sometimes come out of it:

Read my writing. I’m not in love in Obama. In fact, I am writing a book about how the New Democratic movement destroyed both the Dems and Reps. But it is ironic that I am “wrong” because I can’t see Kremer is good but you are “right” because you can see that Obama is BAD. Regardless, I don’t claim that Kremer is anything but a true believer. She is stupid and ignorant, but I don’t doubt she is trying to do what she thinks is right. She is, as the saying goes, a useful fool. She pushes policies that [are] ultimately bad for people like herself.

So I get the next response which is, shall we say, telling:

If you were accurately judge who was the idiots/stupid people here, Kremer would have been the LAST one you called out. Id first call out the “race card” player, the host. Then the black guy, then the fake journalist who claims he came up with the term “leading from behind”. Then I can see you calling out Kremer.

You see, the difference between me and you, conservative and liberal, is that I ACCURATELY assess EVERYTHING. If I do something immoral, I recognize that, whereas you don’t have that ability. This is why medical doctors have classified liberalism as a mental disorder. Which is why I sympathize with you and people like you. You cant help it.

Note the not so subtle racism in his first paragraph. So what we have here is a white guy with racial resentment. He’s one of those 60% of Republicans who think that the biggest racism problem in America is against whites. And if you look at the videos he likes, you will see some real charmers like, Top 60 Ghetto Black Names and Teacher sues because racist black kids.

But it was the second paragraph that was too much. It reminds me of this insurance agent I once had who claimed that all knowledge was divided into two categories: things he absolutely knew and things he did not know. In other words: once he had figured something out, it was set in stone; it could never be changed. Even in that conversation, he made factual statements that were wrong, but I guess he was just going to have to live with them for the rest of his life. Similarly with idiotfinder911, he accurately assesses everything. Wow! What perfection in a man! What an Adonis he must be!

So I called an end to it:

Give it a rest. No one accurately assesses everything. You are either delusional or just stupid. Either way, the conversation is over. You have nothing to offer.

I think you can see, I’m just tired. I shouldn’t even have responded. The guy is just ranting. There is no engagement going on. But his final response was the best yet:

Sorry Franky. You lose again. I made valid points vs. your finger pointing. People like you not only have nothing to provide this conversation, but you also have nothing to provide this world but problems.

I’ll admit that I lost; I lost a lot of time talking to this guy. If idiotfinder911 wants to find idiots, he ought to start with a mirror. But I’m really struck by his claim that he made valid points. He made no points at all. The only thing he said that even came close to a point was his listing of who ware the biggest idiots on the video. And in that case, there were no justifications except for his clear racism. But I will remind you once again: his thinking is that of 60% of the Republican party. That’s 30% of the country who are largely guided by their belief that blacks are getting over on them.

If you think that fascism can’t take hold in the United States, you are delusional. All we need is a bad economy and too many people not voting. People like idiotfinder911 have nothing to add to the conversation, they are just an evil minority that will destroy this nation if they get the chance. Please people: vote.

Update (28 November 2015 11:50 pm)

Apparently, Idiotfinder911 did a Google search of his moniker and found this article. Except, Google lists the version that is on our old Nucleus CMS, which no longer allows comments. So he commented on whatever article was recently up, Give Thanks for Thanksgiving — You Might Not Have It Much Longer. It’s classic Idiotfinder911: ranting and raving, claiming that no one addresses his “arguments” — which consist primarily of calling other people names because, you know, conservative gooooddd, liberal baaaddd:

Frank, you cant help yourself but to somehow tie in “conservatives” into this story, can you? I seen that you wrote an article about me some time ago, but as a typical helpless liberal, you tried to smear me without providing the full story. Anytime you want to debate me on liberal vs conservative or racial issues, let me know. I will say you have already put your foot in your liberal mouth by calling me a white racist [I never called him a white racist. -FM] while not even knowing what my race is… Would you refer to me as an Uncle Tom if I am black?? [Clearly, Idiotfinder911 has never read Uncle Tom’s Cabin. -FM] Just like a good little liberal, you randomly call people racist who don’t see things the way you do. That in itself is WORSE than racism. Bring it unless you are a coward. Which from your previous story about me, you totally are.

James and Elizabeth gave him much more of what he deserves. I find such people exhausting. The interesting thing is that there are thousands of Idiotfinder911s out there. It isn’t surprising that they think all liberals are the same, given that they are walking, talking cliches. To call them conservatives is an unwarranted criticism of the movement.

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3 thoughts on “Racist Conservative Youth Complains About Racism

  1. "…medical doctors have classified liberalism as a mental disorder."?

    Presumably these doctor-types emerge from the same schools that produce charlatans who blame vaccinations for autism and scientist-tools who deny climate change.

    Sometimes I miss the days before computers and social media, days when absurd paranoid bigots couldn’t so easily connect. Now they’re clustering together to become malignant social tumors.

  2. That is because we find trolls to be fun toys to play with and unlike you, have more free time to bat him around like a kitten with a new toy.

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