How About Some Good Obamacare News?!

Jonathan CohnI really like this: actual stories of Obamacare successes. Because here’s the thing: that’s the rule, not the exception. If the mainstream media want to present stories of people losing crummy healthcare policies and being forced to pay more for good policies, fine. But don’t present them as typical of what’s going on. In the two biggest states in the union, people are getting better insurance at lower prices. That’s the story. Leave the “Obamacare is destroying America” stories to Fox News and right wing hate radio. Because that isn’t news; that’s just propaganda.

In addition, Lawrence O’Donnell mentions that the administration now claims that 80% of users will be able to get insurance on the website. Despite what he says, 80% is the vast majority of users. It can be better and it will be better. But as Jonathan Cohn notes, there will always be people who won’t use the website. As I know from my own experiences with the well working Covered California website, some people have complicated situations that cause problems.

Anyway, watch at least the beginning of this. It is worth it.

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