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McDonald'sThis just in via The Real News, McDonald’s Website Tells Underpaid Workers to Sell Holiday Gifts on Craigslist and Quit Complaining. And yes, it really does say that. The video below is fun with the kind of cheery music that they like in places like McDonald’s and North Korea. To be fair, the website itself has a different feel to it. For example, it isn’t telling employees to stop complaining because management isn’t interested. It is just being helpful. It seems that people who complain are less healthy. Of course, that might have something to do with people complaining about not having access to healthcare.

As I’ve discussed in the past, McDonald’s really could afford to pay their employees more without raising prices much. Most of the big businesses could afford to do this. It would cut into their profits, of course. But clearly, corporate America is making too much: more than ever before. They are sitting on piles of cash and doing nothing with it. Of course, we have one and two-third political parties who think their primary mission is to protect the rich and powerful. (See how the Washington Post took a bold stand for the rich on Sunday!)

Regardless of all this, the following video is great. And McDonald’s is even worse than we thought:

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