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Peter WintonickDocumentary filmmaker Peter Wintonick died today at the age of 60. If you know of him, it is probably from his film Manufacturing Consent. And if you are younger, you probably know Noam Chomsky from the film. Made in 1992 with Mark Achbar, it is a three-hour long exploration of Chomsky and his work, most especially his ideas about how the corporate media push narratives that are beneficial to the interests of the power elite. It is a really good (Dare I say “fun”?) film and an excellent introduction to Chomsky.

It isn’t Wintonick’s only work. He made a number of other films on politics as well as the direct-cinema movement itself that he was part of. But he is most important because of his wide ranging collaborations in the documentary filmmaking community—especially in Canada.

Last fall, he was diagnosed with a rare liver cancer, Cholangio Carcinoma. And on Friday, he was admitted to the hospital for problems related to the cancer, where he died today.

For those who haven’t seen it, I am embedding the entire Manufacturing Consent video here:

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