Vote You Asshole!

Jason JonesThis morning, I was very disappointed in The Daily Show. Jon Stewart went after 60 Minutes in the most tepid way only to throw in some false balance by equating the false story about Benghazi with the Time magazine cover that references the fact that Chris Christie is very fat. Not surprisingly, The Colbert Report did a far better job of it—both in terms of insightful media commentary and in term of humor. In general, I haven’t been too happy with The Daily Show since Stewart came back. The writers seem to be phoning it in most of the time.

The show redeemed itself in the B block, however. It consisted of a filmed segment by Jason Jones. He has long been my least favorite member of crew. And the show’s filmed segments have generally been weak. But the last year or so, Jones has gotten much better. And quite recently, the film segments have really improved. That was particularly true of Aasif Mandvi’s Suppressing the Vote segment.

Last night, Jason Jones presented another great segment, Not-So-Angry Voters. In it, he looks into the recent Colorado recall elections and tries to find out why state senator John Morse was thrown out of office for helping to enact legislation that was hugely popular. The answer, of course, is that the fucking liberal and moderate voters stayed home. The segment is Jones’ usual routine of spastic silliness and it is very funny. But it is also the most important thing that you need to remember about American politics: we have a fucked up country because too few people vote.

Vote you assholes!

Next General Election: 4 November 2014.

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