Tom Bodett Jokes

Tom BodettSince 1986, humorist Tom Bodett has been the spokesman for Motel 6. You have undoubtedly heard the commercials with Bodett’s unique midwestern drawl ending each one, “We’ll leave the light on for you.” He’s a very funny guy as you will hear if you listen to NPR’s Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! And it’s got to be a good gig, so great for him.

In 1990, Accor bought Motel 6. It is a French company that owns hotel chains all over the world. (In 92 countries!) At that time, I heard a late night comic announce the news with something like the following. “French-based Accor has acquired Motel 6, but the company says that nothing will change except that Tom Bodett will now be known as Tom Bodette.” Funny stuff.

On Sunday, Paula Poundstone—who works with Bodett on Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!—tweeted the following:

That just killed me.

This article has been another in a long series of attempts to provide enough information for people to get what are great but obscure jokes. You may now go back to your general ignorance about what is really funny. But please, do not tell me that I should really see The Hangover XVI. Unless, of course, it has a new Tom Bodett joke in it.

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