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Calvin & Hobbes7 Things You Might Not Know About Calvin and Hobbes

Watterson to Spielberg and Lucas: Thanks, but no thanks.
[Good news!]

Calvin and Hobbes…and Robotman?
[Robotman was actually very funny.]

The Complete Collection isn’t quite complete.
[Are you serious? I paid a lot of money for the complete collection! Now I am displeased.]

Watterson did license. A little.
[Who hasn’t?]

Urine trouble.
[South Carolina isn’t all bad.]

Spaceman Spiff was originally the whole idea.
[Not staying that course was a good call.]

The last Calvin strip wasn’t Watterson’s swan song.
[Bill’s a charitable guy.]

Last but not least interesting: An original Calvin and Hobbes Sunday strip sold for $203,150.

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