Consumer Reports Supports Exchanges

Consumer ReportsSunday, John Hayward over at Breitbart wrote, Consumer Reports Recommends Staying Away From ObamaCare for at Least a Month. Of course, that isn’t what he’s really talking about. This is the usual conservative media echo chamber crap that any problem with Obamacare means it is a failure; and any success with Obamacare will simply not be reported.

After lambasting the exchanges—which liberals complain about too, in one of many stunning examples of a lack of equivalence—Hayward gets on to to his main point. “The problem, as we’ve been discussing here at The Conversation lately, is that if the young chumps wait a month or longer to get fleeced by their sky-high ObamaCare premiums, the whole rotten scheme will collapse into a death spiral that begins devouring insurance companies.” The point about sky-high premiums is exactly the opposite of what’s going on. It is true that young and healthy people will pay a bit more for their insurance. This isn’t “sky-high.” And regardless, this is just the same thing that goes on with Social Security. Young people pay into it and get nothing back right away. Those young people will eventually get old and be able to afford health insurance. It’s a good deal.

But then Hayward claims that liberals want Obamacare to be destroyed. It is all part of our cunning plan to get a single payer system. Well, the cat is out of the bag! I didn’t think the conservatives would figure out what we were doing: first implement a terrible conservative approach to healthcare reform; make sure it fails, which isn’t hard because it is a conservative policy; and then the people will just be clambering for yet another government attempt at healthcare reform. Like most cunning plans, it absolutely wouldn’t work. That’s why it took a conservative to figure it out!

Most of those who do research don’t like it when people in the conservative media echo chamber quote their work. The thing is that most researchers try to be honest. And when a conservative latches on to some work, they do it only for propaganda’s sake. So Consumer Reports was none too happy with Breitbart and others who misused their research. It’s really quite simple: they were talking about the exchanges, not Obamacare itself. But it’s more than even that:

Consistent with our mission to inform and protect consumers, particularly in this complicated health care market, our advice remains the same: the best place to buy coverage on your own is through the Health Insurance Marketplace in your state. That guarantees you will get comprehensive coverage, and it’s the only way you can lower the cost of your premiums and possibly even your deductibles and copayments.

There is a big difference between Consumer Reports and conservatives like John Hayward: CR wants to help people make the best use of the tools available; Hayward wants to harm people so that he can push his ideological agenda. That also happens to be the difference between liberals and conservatives. Modern liberals really aren’t very ideological. Conservatives are nothing but.

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