Terrorists Would Never Harm Dick Cheney

Dick Cheney60 Minutes claims that Dick Cheney had his defibrillator altered to guard again a terrorist attack. According to the story that will air this Sunday, his doctor “had the device’s wireless function disabled so a terrorist couldn’t send his heart a fatal shock.” I find this odd. It has been my understanding that the terrorists hate America. If that’s the case, why would they want to kill Dick Cheney?

I was thinking this morning that if Cheney were rotting in a jail somewhere, I would have a certain level of sympathy for him. But as it is, his very existence infuriates me. He is an evil man. And what it says to the world is, “It doesn’t matter how awful you are, as long as you have the power, nothing will happen to you.” Hitler died only because he lost the war; otherwise, he would have lived another 20 years and received a state funeral.

Cheney hasn’t only escaped any kind of punishment, he is still held in high esteem throughout the country. We saw him making the rounds explaining what Obama should do about Syria. No level of personal failure can stop the media from listening to evil fools like him. Now Dick Cheney has written a book with his carteologist called Heart: An American Medical Odyssey, which will be available Tuesday. And 60 Minutes is eager to help him sell it.

I haven’t been able to find any reviews of the book. Why would there need to be any? A 15 minute segment on 60 Minutes is worth millions of dollars in advertising and thousands of reviews. It’s another illustration of why we live in a winner-take-all society. In a reasonable country where our leaders were capable of feeling shame, Cheney would at least be hiding out. But instead, he is out in public treated like royalty instead of the evil traitor that he is.

I’m curious about the subtitle of the book, “An American Medical Odyssey.” I assume there will be a lot of garbage in the book about how America has the greatest medicine in the world. I’m sure that’s true if you are Dick Cheney. But a country that fails so miserably for the vast majority of its population is no success story. Cheney could get the best healthcare in the world regardless of what country he was in. The sad thing is that Cheney doesn’t deserve it. He should have died a long time again and I hope he dies soon.


This one is for that son of a bitch:

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  1. The obscene expense and advanced technology that has been squandered keeping him vertical is appalling. For every living Cheney there are 10,000 decent people who have died for want of basic healthcare.

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