Anderson Cooper and Bunny Sex

Alex CastellanosI haven’t enjoyed a Republican this much for a long time. In the video below, Alex Castellanos tries to explain Ted Cruz to Anderson Cooper. It has something to do with the snowshoe hare, which apparently has such a good time fucking (TV safe: bunny sex) that it creates a population explosion. I think what Castellanos is getting at is that Ted Cruz is having such fun basking in the limelight that he doesn’t care if his behavior destroys his tribe. It’s a reasonable analogy I think—especially coming from a Republican.

What’s great about it is that Anderson Cooper does not deal well with it. He is obviously very uncomfortable. It goes right along with my general opinion of such media personalities (eg Rachel Maddow) that they are little scouts who have lived very sheltered and boring lives. I mean, what’s the problem with talking about animals having sex? This is part of the problem with trying to make all media “kid friendly.” It turns our whole society into a bunch of children who can’t discuss the world as it actually is.

This is about 4 minutes long, but it is quite amusing. Watching Anderson Cooper squirm is delicious:

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