Where Have All the Channels Gone?

Comcast - I love how this pic looks like a billAs consumers increasingly turn away from cable, cable tightens the noose on those skating by…

-By “cable” I specifically mean Comcast.

-By “those skating by” I mean those who have the most basic internet access at home and somehow, by default, have a very limited access to cable service (called “limited basic” by Comcast personnel).

For many years, those who subscribed to a basic level of cable-based internet have found, that if they connected a digital tv and did a channel search, they had something they weren’t supposed to have, for “free.”

Just recently, in the San Francisco northbay and many other regions of the US, Comcast has put an end to the freeloading.

The access was very basic, only allowing a handful of English-speaking networks. Mostly, what you would get as free broadcast, if you were close enough to the nearest major population (MSA).

In theory, we are close enough to San Francisco to get free television broadcasts, but the surrounding terrain make the signal impossible to pull in from 39.5 miles away.

What you are left with is a couple channels carrying FM audio and a very annoying video of a 20-something Comcast Rep telling you about how they have made service changes in your area to streamline your cost-effective options.

Comcast… Thanks for making me consider signing a contract… with satellite service.

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