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Josh BarroYou know what they say: hell hath no fury like a gay man shamed. That man would be Josh Barro. And it is totally great.

Yesterday, Niall Ferguson wrote the third part of his series of articles on why Paul Krugman is a great big meanie and why everyone should ignore the fact that Ferguson is not only a very public asshole, but also wrong about nearly everything he ever talks about. One of my many articles about him was Shame, Shame, Shame. But in this newest article, Ferguson offers a list of economic writers for public shaming: Dean Baker, Josh Barro, Brad DeLong, Matthew O’Brien, Noah Smith, Matthew Yglesias, and Justin Wolfers. It’s funny that this is a list of some of the very best people in the field; the “Ferguson Shame List” could soon be like the Pulitzer Prize for economics reporting.

This morning, Josh Barro responded, Niall Ferguson Is Mad That Paul Krugman ‘Acolytes’ Like Me Are Mean to Him. It’s odd, because he couldn’t find any articles where he had attacked Ferguson. But there were those tweets. It all started after Ferguson made an idiotic and offensive comment claiming that Keynes didn’t care about the long term (not true) because he had no children because he was gay. This caused Barro to tweet out a blizzard of very snarky and wonderful comments. But since Barro felt that he had never properly attacked Ferguson, he listed a large number of the tweets. A good example:

That’s right, he went all Gertrude Stein on him: “Ferguson is a bigot is a bigot is a bigot.” I recommend clicking over, because they make quite a collection. But it made me feel relieved that when Barro got mad at me, he only tweeted:

I guess it helps to only be dumb and not also hateful.

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