America’s Terrorist Gunpowder Keg

Gunpowder KegIf America has the seeds of home grown terrorism, it is not in the form of radicalized Muslims. It is in the form of our gun culture—specifically, those at the far edge of it; those who consider themselves “libertarian” and “constitutionalist.” I don’t see there being any problem with your average guy who likes to enjoy nature by killing the animals in it. That’s a thing that people like to do. I don’t get it, but I sort of see the way it works. It is like dogs chasing after cats. Dogs don’t hate cats, but it is fun to chase after things that are hard to catch. That’s the basis of most video games. When it comes to American gun culture, that is the vast majority.

What is of concern are those who think they must have guns to protect themselves from a tyrannical government. Before discussing them, let’s start by noting just how delusional these people are with regard to their potential success. Among these kinds of people, Randy Weaver is a hero, even though he was a very dangerous bigot. But they respect him because he “stood up” to the ATF. But if the government was really all that tyrannical, it would have just bombed the compound and that would have been that. Yes, these people could do some minor damage if they used guerrilla tactics, but it would be limited. If you allow a society to get to the point of armed conflict, you’ve already lost.

What greatly concerns me is what these people are claiming with their rights to armed revolt. What is it that justifies them to start killing other people? Would universal background checks be enough? Or would it take concentration camps for registered gun owners? Based upon the rhetoric of the supposedly mainstream National Rifle Association, it is much closer to universal background checks. And that’s frightening. Because just about no matter how you look at it, that would be terrorism.

It doesn’t help that the American media and government allow the public to think that Islamic terrorists just hate us. There’s little acknowledgement that these people at the very least feel aggrieved. They think they are fighting tyranny. So such American terrorists could blithely assume that they weren’t terrorists because they had a grievance. I don’t think most people would doubt our drone killing of innocent children is a more just reason for an terrorist than the fact that the government is limiting the supply of large capacity magazine clips.

So I really do worry what would throw these supposed freedom fighters over the edge. The whole Oklahoma City bombing did push many back from the precipice. But that memory seems to have faded. Since Obama took office, I’ve heard a lot more talk of tyranny. This is interesting when you consider how quiet it was during the Bush administration. But in a sense, the two administrations work together. Bush convinced them that there really was an existential threat to the United States. And Obama (because he’s a Kenyan socialist) convinced them that he was that threat.

These people really represent a terrorist gunpowder keg, just waiting for anything to set them off. But you can be certain the mainstream media won’t call them terrorists, because clearly, they don’t hate us for our freedom.

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  1. What’s funny is that many hunters tend to approve of government controls — but only when it comes to hunting. If everyone shoots too many deer, or bear, or whatever, there won’t be anything left to hunt. So while they can disagree about specific limits on how many animals you can shoot, and at what time of the year, and what size/sex (same with fishers, too), they generally agree with the principle that experts need to keep a tab on game population health and act accordingly. If they don’t like the choices being made by their game wardens, they get involved in the process and contribute their expertise. Exactly the way government is supposed to work.

    These are the sort of people who should be our natural allies (and should respect those who are passionate about other areas of government policy, like social assistance programs for one), but the "culture wars" have quite cleverly convinced many to be instinctively anti-government. Except when they are all for it!

  2. @JMF – I’ll give them all of their guns if they’ll just vote for my (And their!) self interest. But it doesn’t work that way. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but people who are into guns tend to have a kind of macho attitude that goes along with "let’s go to war" and "let’s fuck the poor." Imagining them as 14-year-old boys provides a good picture of their thinking process.

  3. We spoke recently about the degradation of once decent television channels like NatGeo and History. I bring this up because I saw something on one of the NatGeo shows that I hate most, [i]Doomsday Preppers,[/i] that is relevant to this article.

    My mom was watching the show recently, and there was this guy on there that really disturbed me. Normally, the people on that show just seem a bit eccentric or paranoid, often prepping for ridiculous and unlikely scenarios, but rarely seem like anything to worry about. But the guy that I’m referring to was prepping for economic collapse because of (to paraphrase) welfare. His attitude towards welfare recipients, or "people who will try to take our stuff," was incredible. The guy was training his kids to shoot all kinds of assault weapons, presumably to kill the "takers" when the time came. It was quite disturbing, not only his viewpoint, but that he was indoctrinating his children with it.

    I’ll try to find video of the specific episode so you can see what I mean.

  4. I think this one is it. When looking at the [i]Doomsday Preppers[/i] episode guide, it was really hard to find it because there are others like it. There are many people prepping because they fear total economic collapse. The word "hyperinflation" comes up a lot. Even if this isn’t the exact one I’m thinking of, this guy is just as scary. You’ll see what I mean:

    [youtube] [/youtube]

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