Americans for Whatever Barack Obama Wants

Americans for Whatever Barack Obama Wants

Those people over at Second City have put out a very funny and astute video, Help Kickstart World War III! It plays with the idea of the Obamabots. Now, I don’t think such people actually exist. But there certainly are people who work far too hard to agree with Obama. I don’t want to mention anyone specifically, but one has the initials one associates with names like “Steve Benen.”

What I most like about the video is that it hits Obama firmly from the left. I wish we saw such things about his terrible corporate-focused economic policy. But this one will do. And it is a reminder that Obama really is the Republican that people wanted to vote for in 1968. He isn’t the Democrat that America deserved after 8 long years of conservative imperialism and corporate boot licking.

The worst thing about the liberal worship of Obama is the idea that we can’t counter him because that would let the Republicans win. That idea is well summed up with this graphic:

Because Obama

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