Working Kitten

The Daily ShowLast night, The Daily Show discussed the New York mayoral election by looking at the Republican candidates. But the only issue involving the Republican mayor’s race that anyone outside of New York has even heard of is the kittens. This happened two weeks ago when two kittens in the subway shut down train service for a couple of hours. Republican candidate Joe Lhota caused a bit of a ruckus when he said the kittens should have been allowed to die. His spokesman said, “‘It’s not up to the mayor, it’s a decision of the MTA, but Joe does not think it’s appropriate to shut down an entire train line for an extended period for this purpose.'”

Even since then, he’s been backtracking. At a debate on Sunday, he claimed to only have said it wasn’t a decision for the mayor. He added that he was not the “anti-kitten candidate.” A campaign has really gotten out of control when you have to say that. After all, even people who don’t like cats love kittens. Kittens are about the cutest things on the planet. Jon Stewart noted, “That is a cold-hearted stance to take about an innocent kitten who is just trying to get to work.” And then he displayed the following image that is all kinds of cuteness:

Working Kitten

That tie is way too wide for that kitten.

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