New Van Gogh Sunset at Montmajour

Sunset at Montmajour - Van Gogh

The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam unveiled a recently discovered Vincent Van Gogh landscape painting from 1888—two years before his death. The painting is named Sunset at Montmajour and it is entirely typical of Van Gogh’s generic landscapes. I think the discovery is really interesting, because I would never have thought that works by him would be sitting around. The Van Gogh Gallery previously provided the following answer to the question, “I [have] an original Vincent van Gogh Painting that I [found]. Do you know how much it is worth, or how I can find out?”

If it truly is an ORIGINAL Vincent van Gogh painting that you or someone else has found the price would be outlandishly high. It would be one of the greatest lost paintings ever found.

This begs the question, “Is this one of the greatest lost paintings ever found?” Personally, I’m not so sure. Bearing in mind that I’m not much of a fan of Van Gogh, I don’t much like the painting. I mean, it’s okay, but nothing to get excited about. The clouds are kind of interesting, but above all, the painting isn’t composed well. And indeed, Van Gogh wrote in a letter that the painting was a failed attempt.

But the story of its loss is really interesting. Apparently, Theo Van Gogh owned it at his death. It was sold a few times, eventually ending up in the hands of a Norwegian collector. At some point, he was told that it wasn’t a Van Gogh, but rather just a copy. So he stored it in his attic where I assume it was eventually found. The Van Gogh Museum spent the last two years researching it.

So this is all quite exciting. Too bad they didn’t discover another Modigliani. We could use a few more of his.

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