Eileen Brennan

Eileen BrennanOn this day in 1695, the Baroque composer Pietro Locatelli was born. Here is his Trio Sonata for Flute, Violin and Double Basso Continuo in G Major:

Biologist Abraham Trembley was born in 1710. Canadian painter Paul Kane was born in 1810. Villain of 19th century business George Hearst was born in 1820.

Discoverer of the positron Carl David Anderson was born 1905. Actor Kitty Carlisle was born in 1910. Mural artist Bengt Lindstrom was born in 1925. And actor Merritt Butrick was born in 1959.

Cartoonist Mort Walker is 90 today. He created the comic strip Beetle Bailey. As my friend Will says, “It’s more influential than Bazooka Joe!” Actor Valerie Perrine is 70. The terrible head of the ECB Mario Draghi is 66. Film director Jean-Pierre Jeunet is 60. Charlie Sheen is 48 and crazy as ever. Independent filmmaker Noah Baumbach is 44.

The day, however, belongs to one of my long time crushes, actor Eileen Brennan who was born born in 1932. I especially liked her in Murder By Death and The Cheap Detective. But she was great in a lot of movies, like The Sting. She only died about a month ago.

Happy birthday Eileen Brennan!

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