Cory Booker and the New Democrat Failure

Cory BookerIt is the weekend, so barring war, I’m going to try to get some of my backlog posted. And right now, that brings me back to Thursday when Chris Hayes had his big interview with Cory Booker on All In. As you may know, I’m not a fan of the major. He is New Democrat all the way. He’s fine on social issues, but on economic issues, he’s terrible, and he is firmly in the pocket of Wall Street. You may remember the dust up during last year’s election when he defended Bain Capital on Meet the Press. That’s who Booker is and Democrats continue to delude themselves when they think electing someone like him will result in any change. Booker and Obama and all the New Democrats are just smarter, more competent Republicans. I want more from my elected officials, and barring that, I at least want the choice to vote for an economic liberal.

But here’s the thing: in addition to everything else, Booker is a coward. At worst, he is leading in his Senate campaign by 16 percentage points. Other polls show him leading by far more than that. But as you will see in the interview below, the man cannot answer a straight question that goes outside of his talking points. And Hayes’ questions are not at all rough. It is a very friendly interview:

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As we liberals move into the future, we have to recognize that people like Booker really are a big problem. It looks like that Republican Party is determined to destroy itself. If that happens, the Democratic Party will rightly divide itself on the economic issues. And that will put Booker and friends in the New Republican Party. And once again, that will make the party one of ideology over practical solutions. Because this love of Wall Street, big banks, and the rich is not based on all the great things they do for society. It is based on affinity bias. Booker’s friends are bankers just like all the New Democrats. And that’s just fine: people should be allowed to be evil in their own ways. I can work with people like Booker as the opposition—but not as a member of my (liberal) party. On the single most important issue that we face as a people, he wants to make things worse.

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