Margaret Sanger Was a Racist So Birth Control Is Bad

Margaret SangerJoyfulA retweeted a really disturbing twitter conversation. It amazes me what many conservatives say online. I have to admit, they sound a whole lot different from the conservatives who I have actual conversations with. Online, the people come off as rigid and hateful. But I guess that makes sense. There is that simmering under the surface of my conversations. And I rarely confront conservatives on their opinions; I’m more interested in drawing them out and finding out why they think what they think. It is hard to conclude that at base, conservatives are just pissed off that other people are getting away with stuff.

The conversation started with a man writing, “Baby murder is 100% a liberal agenda. Margaret Sanger wanted blacks eliminated. Murder is not a choice.” Sanger was a birth control advocate who started organizations that later became Planned Parenthood. She was also a racist. She believed that light skinned people were superior to dark skinned people. There appears to now be a conservative meme that says that Sanger was really only interested killing black babies. This is patently false. For one thing, her focus was on birth control, not abortions. She was actually against abortions (because they were so unsafe) and wanted to use birth control as a way to stop them.

Many years ago, I predicted that if conservatives got abortion made illegal, they would move on to birth control. Well, they didn’t even wait that long. The anti-choice movement has embraced opposition to birth control in a big way. This is mostly in the form of opposition to “the pill,” which they seem to think causes an abortion. (It does not.) What all of this shows is that the anti-choice movement is fundamentally an anti-woman movement. The idea is to limit the choices that women have.

Yet another man added, “Her legacy is planned Parenthood, and she was a racist.” And finally a woman joined the chorus, “Democrats support the war on women, minorities, elderly. Wake up. You are being exploited.” I don’t really know what these people are talking about. The Christian Church was started by a homophobic man with extreme sexual hang-ups. I’ve always thought that was pretty amazing: because of Paul’s many personal problems, much of western civilization continues to have a screwed up relationship to sex. Regardless, none of these people would accept the argument that their religion is invalid because Paul was at best a man of his times. Margaret Sanger was right about birth control and that is all that is relevant.

The one good thing that came out of this is that Anthony B (who has been fighting the good fight against these idiots) tweeted the following cartoon that rather well sums up the modern Republican Party:

Legitimate Rape
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2 thoughts on “Margaret Sanger Was a Racist So Birth Control Is Bad

  1. @JoyfulA – Yeah, I understood that. And I was just going post the cartoon. But as usual, I got sidetracked. What I most like about the cartoon is how clinical it is. It goes right along with, "We are only shutting down clinics because we’re worried about the health of women!"

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