Two Things I Don’t Care About

Royal BabyI have no interest in the royal baby. In general, I have no interest in a royal family—at least until the sons start killing each other in order to become king. To me, we had a war so we wouldn’t have deal with this bullshit. And then when we created this country, we specifically didn’t create our own explicit class of people who are better than the rest of us. It’s all a big joke and people who are caught up in it really need to get a life.

The other thing I don’t care about is Anthony Weiner’s newest sex scandal. But I do care about how the Democratic ecosystem reacts to it. It isn’t new, of course. We all know that when something like this happens to a Republican, they circle the wagons. Eventually, they may abandon the man (It’s always a man!) in the middle of it. But they will assume the best and try to play defense. The Democrats are just the opposite—they have no loyalty at all. It doesn’t matter if it’s former IRS head Steven T. Miller or Shirley Sherrod or Weiner. Democrats might think that we should be understanding of the unnamed masses, but if it is a named person who is part of our team, they have to go.

Anthony WeinerThere is something incredibly childish about this. On tonight’s All In, Chris Hayes was joined by three others to discuss how horrible Weiner is. And then Rachel Maddow went even further. I do wish that she wouldn’t cover sex scandals. She has a really childish understanding of adult sexuality. Of course human sexuality in the modern world is kind of sad and unsettling. But that doesn’t mean we can’t empathize and (God forbid!) sympathize.

In addition to this, I can’t get past the whole idea that we could not have a worse government if the only people who represented us were straight laced people who never deviated from what is acceptable behavior on primetime network TV. We are already limited in terms of what we can watch and what we can say. And now these people (The supposed liberals!) want to limit us to vanilla politicians?

Look, I don’t know if Weiner would be a good mayor. I tend to think he would be. One of the people on All In mentioned that he never much liked being in the legislature. But mayor is an executive job and it seems more appropriate to his narcissistic personality. But I don’t know. And I don’t have to know because I don’t live in New York. But his sex scandal strikes me as irrelevant. And it’s sad that the Democratic establishment can’t seem to see that.

Now if it turns out that he was sexting with Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, well, then I might care.

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  1. As a regular viewer of both Hayes and Maddow, I too was disappointed by the time they wasted on the Royal birth and the Weiner scandal. On the plus side, it gave me more time to catch up on reading Charlie Pierce’s blog.

  2. @Rick Fane – The good thing about watching online is that it is easy to skip things entirely. The only reason I watched the Maddow segment was because I was thinking about writing this article. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have bothered.

    It is probably always a better use of your time to read to Pierce’s blog. I’m also very keen on Ed Kilgore these days.

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