NSA Data Recovery Program

NSAI was emailed the following image, which I think is pretty clever. I have two reasons for thinking it is almost certainly created by a conservative. First, the line about it costing Republicans more. Only conservatives think that they alone are the targets of government intrusion. That was what the whole IRS scandal was about. Of course the government isn’t going after those big government liberals! The fact that liberals are generally against exactly the government programs that directly limit freedom never seems to occur to them. The second reason is that the graphic quality is low. I don’t know why it is, but bad Photoshop work is more associated with conservatives than liberals. And I say that as a bad Photoshopping liberal. Anyway, it is well done:

NSA Data Recovery Program
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2 thoughts on “NSA Data Recovery Program

  1. Not "almost certainly" — it is by conservatives. Too bad. Leave off the partisan commentary, and it could have gone viral. NSA-as-cloud as pretty brilliant.

    Funny, how, in a way, Watergate helped usher in Reagan. There were many other reasons (and I’ve spewed them before, here) but part of modern conservative ascendancy certainly came from the misuse of power by a right-wing president, and how that made citizens distrust government. Isn’t it ironic? Don’t ya think?

  2. @JMF – How do you see the causation working between Watergate and Reagan? I can see it in the sense that Watergate made the Democrats complacent. However, Reagan was going to win regardless because of Paul Volcker and John Anderson (who is still alive at 91).

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