Summer Cold

A Cold

Summer is here and guess who has a cold? Both my son and I! I guess the first week without any stress of school, homework, sports and appointments let our guard down and wham, it got us!

Now trying to get a child with ADHD to take it easy, and not go swimming in warm, sunny Southern California is rather challenging, so I gave up! But for myself, a daily “Immune Shot” (fresh squeezed ginger shot) and “I am Strong” juice from Juicy Ladies is a must! It could all be in my head but I’ve visited them three days in a row now and I’m already feeling better.

For my son I will need to sneak in healthy foods (a smoothie), vitamins and get him to bed early in order for him to get well, a little bit of a challenge but I will manage.

Here’s to a happy, healthy and fun summer!

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