Scary Birthday!

Joe FlahertyOn this day in 1732, Johann Christoph Friedrich Bach was born. He was the ninth son Johann Sebastian Bach. Was that the last of his sons? I don’t actually know. Johann Sebastian had two wives. The first gave him seven children before she died for unknown reasons but I figure it was simply exhaustion. The second, who was 17 years younger than he, gave him 13 more kids. He was a randy old guy. Anyway, Johann Christoph Friedrich was quite a good composer like all the Bach boys. He was an early Classical composer (you can definitely detect a strong Baroque influence) as you can hear in the following Sonata for Flute in F Major:

The great French mathematician Simeon Denis Poisson was born 1781. The Banjo LessonJewish philosopher and socialist Moses Hess was born in 1812. The great American painter Henry Ossawa Tanner was born in 1859. He was the first African-American painter to get noticed by the world art community. You can definitely see the appeal in The Banjo Lesson on the right. French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre was born in 1905. Author Mary McCarthy was born in 1912. Two gorgeous actors Judy Holliday and Jane Russell was born in 1921. Lovely in a different way, Maureen Stapleton was born in 1925. And director Tony Scott was born in 1944. It turns out that he did not have cancer; he just wanted to kill himself. But I think, “You don’t have to make all crap; you have a lot of talent; why don’t do something good instead of just another action blockbuster. Repeat after me: I will never make another film with Chris Pine.” As it was, I thought he made a few films that were rather good: True Romance, Crimson Tide, and Enemy of the State. It’s very sad.

Actor Bernie Kopell (“Doc” on The Love Boat) is 80 today. Meredith Baxter is 66. Novelist Ian McEwan is 65. And cartoonist Berkeley Breathed is 56. Here is an example of his brilliance:

Bloom County

And the adorable Juliette Lewis is 40.

The day, however, belongs to one of the funniest people on the planet—at least from my persepctive—Joe Flaherty, who is 72 today. I would like to provide a good overview of his work, but there just isn’t that much available online. Here he is doing his most beloved character, Count Floyd:

Happy birthday Joe Flaherty!

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