Jack Lew’s New Signature

Jack LewAs I’ve reported before, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew has an odd signature. Essentially, it is just a bunch of circles. When he was nominated Treasury Secretary, there was much discussion about how horrible his signature would look on our currency. Given that we have a pyramid topped with an eye on our cash, I hardly see how Lew’s curious signature could bring down its aesthetic quality. In my opinion, our cash is quite ugly. Whenever I go outside the country, I am struck by how much more attractive (And harder to counterfeit!) almost any other currency is. But I will allow that ours is getting better.

For those who do not remember Jack Lew’s signature, here it is:

Jack Lew's Signature

But that was then. Jack Lew has changed his signature. And guess what? Now people are complaining about the new signature! The Huffington Post commented, “Now it’s not only indecipherable, but boring too!” And they document a number of others who are none too impressed. Here it is:

Jack Lew's New Signature

For the record, I think this is a great new signature. It is still charming without being nearly as ostentatious. What’s more, it is not indecipherable at all. Lew’s full name is Jacob Joseph Lew. I clearly see the J-J-L. As for the rest, who cares? My signature is no more accurate—it is basically F-[squiggle]-M-[squiggle]. But what’s more interesting is that the man just can’t catch a break. Most people’s signatures really do look dreadful. Both of Lew’s signatures are pretty and distinctive. What more must a signature be?

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