Grammar Problems Persist at Washington Post

Ezra KleinFor a long time, I said nothing. I hid my true feelings. I resisted the impulse to scream, “Doesn’t the Washington Post hire copy editors?!” Or even decent IT professionals, because the problem that most bugs me is more a technical problem than a grammar problem. And it is the kind of thing that ought to bother everyone because it is really obvious.

But I will be silent no longer. When the Washington Post was free, that was one thing. But now that they are charging $9.99 for 4 weeks, they ought to be able to get it together.

Here is a typical Wonk Blog error:

”The just completed presidential campaign strategy of playing it safe and assuming a poor economy would win it for us was an obvious mistake,” he writes.

That closing quote at the beginning of the sentence happens in most articles. But surprisingly, not consistently. I don’t know why it is, but there ought to be a simple solution, especially at this cost. But that isn’t the only kind of problem. There are all kinds of problems. Here is a similar one:

‘Soon,” Jindal promises.

But at least that single quote is opening. Thank God for small favors.

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