Today I am overwhelmed! Between morning drop off, grocery shopping, working, figuring out what to make for dinner and helping with homework I feel weighed down. I can usually handle my daily load but today I can’t and I’m trying to figure out why?

I think I know why, I have started too many projects and haven’t finished one today! Here are of the projects I am juggling today:

1. Work – working on Facebook, Instagram and Pic Stitch for a client. Meeting work deadlines.

2. Finalizing summer plans and registering my son for summer school and camps.

3. Paying bills (especially do not like this one).

4. Finishing several blog posts I started a week ago but have put aside due to interruptions. There are so many things to share!

5. Figuring out what I should make for dinner??? A huge issue in my house since my son does not eat the same things my husband and I eat.

6. Creating a distract proof homework environment for my son. We are going to try to meet the tutor at the library instead of home today and we’ll see how it works.

Well the list goes on and on! Hopefully I will be able to accomplish most on this list but the day is coming to an end and I have to go and pick up my son from school.

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