27 Times a Charm

BroccoliWhen my son was not quite two, a friend told me it can take up to 27 times of trying a particular food before you like it. This might be daunting to people who think they have to feed full portions of “yucky” spinach to their picky four-year-olds 27 times. When I heard this amazing fact, however, it was heartening to me. I thought, “You mean I can train my child to like healthy foods?” Instead of trying to feed full portions of a new food to my son, I would just have him take a tiny bite of it. That is all I required. Over time, some of these foods he would eat a little more until he eventually ate full portions of the stuff.

Fortunately, it has not taken 27 times of eating most foods for my son to like them. Though I haven’t yet gotten him to like sweet potatoes, Brussels sprouts, beets, and acorn squash, there are lots of other foods he does like. He happily eats broccoli, Greek olives, various greens, including spinach, carrots, sweet peppers, and fish.

So what about the healthy things my son won’t eat? Possibly the reason he doesn’t yet like some of them is because he hasn’t tried them the full 27 times. I’m going to continue having him try just one little bite each time I prepare the food. As with everything, it is a process. I will not give up, and I encourage you to not give up either. Be heartened by the fact that it didn’t take nearly 27 times of trying for my son to like most of the foods he eats. I would love to hear how it goes with you, and I will keep you posted about the Brussels sprouts.

(Image courtesy of Toa55 and FreeDigitalPhotos.net)

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