Pete Townshend Refuses No River

Pete TownshendOn this day back in 1870, one of the best arguments against the divine commands argument of morality, serial killer Albert Fish was born. Shockingly, Malcolm X and Pol Pot were born on the same day back in 1925. Pol Pot, being one of the great evil men of the 20th century, managed to live 33 years longer than Malcolm X. And of natural causes. Screenwriter Nora Ephron was born in 1941.

And the great Joey Ramone (Jeffry Ross Hyman) was born in 1951, dying just shy of 50 years later of lymphoma. Here he is doing “What a Wonderful World”:

Actor James Fox is 64 today. Grace Jones is 65, so we won’t hear anymore from her. And actor Polly Walker is 47.

The day belongs to one of my favorite songwriters, Pete Townshend who is 68 today. Although he’s best known for his work with The Who, I’ve always found his solo work far more compelling. The Who is too much rock music BS; his solo work is more personal and thus more truthful. Here he is doing “Give Blood” with David Gilmour, which is good because Townshend really isn’t much of a guitarist:

Happy birthday Pete Townshend!

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