Summer School, Camp of Both?

Well it’s time for us to decide what to do this summer! Having a child with ADHD and finding a camp can be a challenge in more ways than one. I’m actually late so I can say ‘goodbye’ to early bird discounts.

In the past years I’ve ruled out summer school and gone for taking the summer off. But school is getting harder and more demanding so I’m thinking about enrolling my son in summer school so he can keep up next year. My son does not like change (what child with ADHD does) and already has anxiety over the next school year, so I am thinking that continuing with academics into the summer will help out.

With four weeks of summer school, 2-3 weeks of camp plus family vacation time summer will be over is in no time. So will this be too much, and will he have enough down time? I am starting to re-think our plans already!

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